Zareen  Taj  Hidhayath, is a chennai based artist, graduated  from  MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai (Batch of 2008), been a practicing architect for the past 9 years.

“ART” has always been her passion and now Mandala art  and Arabic calligraphy  has taken her complete undivided  attention for the past 2 years.

Though mostly self taught, she was fortunate enough to get trained under  best Architectural institution which was her  foundation  in learning basics of drawing and various  techniques. She offers  private and  monthly group Mandala workshops at her studio Zareen’s Art Studio in t.nagar,chennai as well as online via skye.

Her  works are highly inspired by the life and teachings of  her  father, who has always been her mentor and motivated her, throughout her personal and  professional life.


“Mandala art therapy and healing can be a great source of reflection on one’s soul.”

“MANDALAS” – A meditative art form which represents wholeness and gives about an ethereal experience.

Center Point  has  always  been  the focus  from  which  various  elements  radiate both inwards and outwards, creating focus of mind and letting positive energy flow throughout.

She experiments with Mandalas  in various art forms  to bring the picture that she rendered  in mind onto paper.