Peace Mandala

Title of the artwork : Peace Mandala Size : 2'0"X2'0" Material and Medium used : Acrylic paint on White Canvas Being a mandala artist I always try to experiment with mandalas in different concepts,varied forms and textures and this time I tried to bring in the concept of peace in my mandala art and what best would suit the concept of peace other than a white dove flying on a blue background.How soothing it is to see this piece of art? . Peace is a very powerful concept that's indeed needed everywhere around the world where there is mass killing,terrorism and war happening everywhere and I tried to portray peace through my mandala art. . Let peace and happiness prevail everywhere in the world. . My 8 year old son Aadib Hassan holding Peace Mandala that I worked on for a week now..will post a video showing details of the mandala soon..was little busy and hectic week.. . Will be posting details on my next workshop soon and some people were enquiring about online classes..working on too many things currently..stay tuned for more updates..thank you . Copyrights reserved @zareensart . #canvaspainting #blue #peace #mandala #mandalaart #mandalaartist #mandalalove #crystals #peace #handdrawn #meditativeart #art #artist #drawing #markers #white #zen #details #mandalaslovers #mandalala #mandalaplanet #welkincanvas #artists_center #artistsaddress #artsplug #arts_help #zentanglemandalalove #mandalapassion #inspiroindia #zareensart

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